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After more than 40 years of no skating nor slapshots, ice hockey has been brought back to the City College of New York by the very alumni who used to play for the team. The program was cut along with other sports in 1977, but in 2019 it made its presence known on campus–the CCNY Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Club was recognized and awarded club status. During the 2019-2020 winter season, the men’s team played two exhibition games against Steven’s Tech in New Jersey. Although the games were a loss, there is unlimited potential for growth. Remember, this is just the beginning.

Led by alumni of the team and college, we are commanded by coaches Vinny Cuomo and Kenny Levine, and general manager Nicholas Tagarelli.

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An equipment drive hosted by Ice Hockey in Harlem with the help of the CCNY Hockey team. October 2019
June 2023

Thank you for your support

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the following people and organizations for their generosity in supporting our organization and athletics at the City College of New York. Without your support, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Lowell Bramnick  –  Vincent Cuomo  –  Steve Friedman  –  John Meekins  –  Metlife (matched donation)   –  Peter Oppenheimer  –  Gary Strauss  –   Leo Strauss  –  Nick Tagarelli  –  Jeff Williams  –  Zaskorski Architects  –  Richard Von Zerneck  –  Joseph Connolly  –  Jason Shayovitz  –  Chris Consentino  –  Robert P. Brannon  –  Leonard Litwin

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Go Beavers!